We Make Fun

Partnering with the world's largest entertainment companies we deliver games and digital experiences for everyone to enjoy.

CerebralFix Team

Our Team

We love what we do. Our development team works as a cohesive unit to ensure projects are delivered to a world class standard. We've spent 10 years bringing the cheeky Kiwi spirit to all of our partnerships, helping companies venture into new industries, captivating existing audiences and making great engaging products.


Our Products

Our development helps power some of the largest properties in entertainment, Transformers, Toy Story, Wheel of Fortune and many more. With a complete stack of services we create quality products that are loved by millions of users.

Jane Austen

Game Development

We have over 10 years experience crafting games and making fun. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We have world class developers, artists, designers and testers that are capable of working on pretty much anything you can throw at them. There is no challenge that we will not consider if we think there is an opportunity to entertain and reach an audience.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the way we experience entertainment and is well on its way to asserting itself as critical technology in many industries. CerebralFix already has several years of VR development experience including video games, medical training, education and sports science. We have even built tax training software!

App Development

Great applications don't just require great technologies and slick UI, they start with great understanding. We’ve developed apps across a huge array of industries from banking, tourism, social media and entertainment. We can comfortably create solutions of any size for any platform. We work with you to solve problems, creating huge value for you and the users of your app.

Software Development

Celebrated for our technical skill set by some of the biggest names in software, we have helped build backend and customer facing solutions for the likes of Disney, BBC and Sony. Our teams know exactly what it takes to put together a world class solution.


CerebralFix has an exceptional art core who can create a huge array of 2D and 3D assets, offering services such as concepting characters, environment illustration, slick websites, UI consultation and design, animation services and video work. We have years of experience working with the most respected and inspiring companies in the world of digital media.