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Our Leadership Model

Our philosophy is simple - at CerebralFix, we believe that the best work comes from collaboration. 

That's why our studio is co-led by a team of people instead of a single individual. Together, our Senior Leadership Team ensures that we have the vision, the people, and the partners needed to craft our incredible stories and experiences. 

Senior Leadership Team

Our team of Co-CEOs

Chelsea Rapp
Co-CEO / Head of Corporate Strategy

Chelsea is our Head of Corporate Strategy and is responsible for shaping our company strategy and vision. She works with the Leadership Team to identify the best way to engage with emerging technologies, markets, and new partners to bring creative ideas to life. These days you’ll find her on the global game development conference circuit – talking about all things CerebralFix – so be sure to say hello!

Ryan Hawker
Co-CEO / Head of Studio

Ryan aims to make working at CerebralFix one of the best decisions people make in their life. As our Head of Studio, he cares for our people and strives to ensure we are all living our best lives. Because there's always room for improvement, Ryan likes to spice things up and experiment with fun new ways of working together. Based in Ōtautahi - Christchurch, you'll find him in the studio, out on the waves, or hiding in a freshly dug sand pit with his family.

Tom Brosnahan
Co-CEO / Head of Business Development

Tom is our Head of Business Development, keeping his sights locked on exciting project possibilities we see on the horizon, guiding CerebralFix toward the creation of meaningful and fun experiences for years to come. Tom started at CerebralFix in New Zealand over 12 years ago as a sound designer and composer for games, and he now calls Los Angeles home. Be sure to connect with him if you’d like to explore a collaboration!

Our Management Team

Our Directors and Department Managers are vital to crafting our unforgettable experiences. Whether our partners come to us with established concept material or simply a dream, this team ensures that our artists, designers, developers, and testers have what they need to bring ideas to life.

They live the CerebralFix values by empowering our teams both inside the office and out -  championing them at conferences and events, and supporting their professional development. 

Directors and Department Managers

Our visionaries and people leaders

Jed Uy
Creative Director

Jed is our Creative Director, responsible for directing art and design across our many projects, as well as all things creative in-house. As one of our most senior artists, Jed brings a wealth of artistic expertise and creative flair honed over a decade in the games industry. 

Julieanne Eason
Production Manager

Julieanne, our Production Manager at CerebralFix, oversees the delivery and development of all our projects. Armed with a double degree in Fine Arts, as well as a Master's in Interactive Digital Media from Berlin, she regularly creates interactive digital art installations that have been played with by thousands around the globe. 

Simon Boxall
Creative Manager

Simon is our Creative Manager, matching and growing the capabilities of his team to studio strategy and incoming projects. Passionate about innovative storytelling across all media forms, Simon is a seasoned tertiary education department head, motion designer and short filmmaker with a decade of experience. 

Carl Johnson
Technical Director

In addition to being our Technical Director, Carl Johnson is also an ardent sports enthusiast and a seasoned software programmer who helps drive the technical vision for CerebralFix. He thrives on fusing the diverse skills of our development teams to craft our memorable games and immersive experiences. 

Courtney Hyde
People and Culture Manager

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