Careers at CerebralFix

Our people are at the core of everything we do.

Benefits of working at CerebralFix

Flexible Working Arrangements

After your first 3 months at CerebralFix, we can tailor working arrangements to fit your requirements. While most of our team works in the studio or hybrid, we’re open to other options. Being in the office is fun and helps with project collaboration, but we’re flexible to find a solution that works for you.

Competitive Pay Rates

We regularly compare our pay rates to industry standards and consider our location. Our pay levels correspond to individual skills and experience. Fairness and transparency are our goals, and we believe compensation should be accompanied by good benefits, a positive work environment, and a high quality of life

Free Medical Insurance

We offer free medical insurance on our nominated scheme for permanent employees, with the option to add benefits or family members at your own expense, including pre-existing conditions.

Counselling/Therapy Services

Our priority at CerebralFix is the hauora wellbeing of our people, which includes physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing. We provide access to therapists at our expense, so you can always talk to someone when you need it and bring your authentic self to the studio.

Rainbow Group - Pride Pals

Pride Pals (our Rainbow Group) is a bunch of happy queers and allies that promote the wellbeing of our Rainbow community. We have regular meetings, support Rainbow relevant days, attend Rainbow events, and put together new Rainbow policies and education sessions across the studio that reflect what our employees need to feel safe and belong at CerebralFix.

Regular 1 on 1 / Goal Setting / Performance Reviews

You’ll have one-on-one meetings with your Discipline Rep to discuss your individual goals. Our Leadership Team also conducts two performance reviews per year, incorporating feedback from peers and yourself.

More Benefits

  • Immediate Sick Leave
  • Discretionary Leave
  • Regular Social Functions and Activities
  • Weekly Morning Teas
  • Fresh Fruit and Breakfast Goodies
  • Paid Partner Parental Leave
  • Hobbyist Slack Channels
  • Active Rainbow Community - Pride Pals
  • Central City Location
  • Ask Us Anything Sessions / Regular State of the Business Updates
  • Personal Project Enhancement Time

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Frequently asked questions

Do people like working at CerebralFix?

Our long-term employees can confirm that at CerebralFix, we prioritize our staff and offer a positive culture, meaningful relationships, and exciting projects. Feel free to chat with any of our team members to learn more about their experiences working with us.

What is the culture like?

It’s pretty awesome to be honest. Check out our values here. We live by these and it’s reflected in the relationships our employees have with each other and our clients.

How do you decide on compensation?

We do some market analysis and look at each individual and their position. We aim for transparency and fairness and believe that along with compensation there needs to be some other great benefits, workplace environment and quality of life.

How do I get CerebralFix's attention?

To boost your chances of getting hired at CerebralFix, keep your portfolio and resume updated and participate in local GameJams and Game Dev Meetups for valuable experience and networking opportunities. You can submit a resume through our general applications on our vacancies page.

Do you take interns?

We aim to take on interns each Summer to coincide with the tertiary holidays. Keep checking back in the vacancies section, our social media and also the University job boards for information from September onwards.