Our people are at the core of everything we do.

At our studio, we are passionate about delivering authentic gaming experiences while fostering a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that values diversity, inclusion, and hauora well-being.

Staff Numbers 71
Nationalities Represented 16
Gender Pay Equity 100%

Frequently asked questions

Our long-term employees can confirm that at CerebralFix, we prioritize our staff and offer a positive culture, meaningful relationships, and exciting projects. Feel free to chat with any of our team members to learn more about their experiences working with us.

It’s pretty awesome to be honest. Check out our values here. We live by these and it’s reflected in the relationships our employees have with each other and our clients.

We have loads of benefits. Check out our benefits below.

We do some market analysis and look at each individual and their position. We aim for transparency and fairness and believe that along with compensation there needs to be some other great benefits, workplace environment and quality of life.

To boost your chances of getting hired at CerebralFix, keep your portfolio and resume updated and participate in local GameJams and Game Dev Meetups for valuable experience and networking opportunities. You can submit a resume through our general applications on our vacancies page.

We aim to take on interns each Summer to coincide with the tertiary holidays. Keep checking back in the vacancies section, our social media and also the University job boards for information from September onwards.

By all means, please do! Please head to our vacancies page and submit a general submission through there. This will ensure your general application is seen and we can contact you if we require further information. Keep heading back to our vacancies page and keep an eye on our social media for future opportunities.

For open vacancies, we’ll confirm receipt of your application via email, then evaluate your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to determine your eligibility for the next stage. If selected, we’ll invite you for an interview and, possibly, role-specific testing.

Initial interviews will be held online with an expert panel and HR. The interview covers technical, communication, and cultural questions. You will be given information about the role and CerebralFix and have the chance to ask questions. Make sure to have your referees ready.

We may conduct skills testing after the interview or move on to the final selection process. The final candidates will meet the Head of Studio in Christchurch to discuss company values and strategy. We’ll carry out reference checks and the successful candidate will receive an offer. Exciting!

Before your start date, you’ll receive your paperwork and a plan for your first day via our HRIS (Human Resourse Informtaion System), along with the details of your team. You’ll have a full company morning tea on Monday, where you’ll be introduced to everyone and allocated a team buddy and a social buddy. Your first day will mainly involve setting up your workstation, sorting out project security, and meeting your team.

In the first few weeks, you will attend daily standups and meet our people. Your buddies will guide you through your project overview and tasks. You’ll meet your Discipline Rep for who you’ll spend time with during personal development discussions and after two weeks, our Head of Studio checks in to see how you’re doing.

CerebralFix values individual expression and does not impose strict dress codes on its employees. We allow for a range of dress styles, from formal to professional to casual, so long as they are presented in a clean and hygienic manner. The only restrictions are on clothing or tattoos that may contradict our values of inclusivity and respect.

In short, yes, but we also love to see our friends in the office. For new employees, we require them to work in the office for the first 3 months to help them get settled into the project and the CerebralFix culture. After that, we can discuss arrangements that suit you and the studio.

Yes we do. At CerebralFix, we are proud to have a Rainbow Community called Pride Pals. This group is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive space for our LGBTTQIA+ employees to bring their authentic selves to work. We are committed to promoting diversity and celebrating the uniqueness of all our employees.

We believe in people leading from where they are, and our flat organizational structure reflects that. Of course we want to help employees grow and achieve their individual career goals, so we have regular one on ones, development and goal setting sessions as well as regular performance reviews.

Indeed we are. Black Salt Games is our sister company. They have just launched Dredge which is super exciting. Black Salt Games is an indie games studio, and is a collab of some ex-employees of CerebralFix. This was a great opportunity for some of our employees to follow their dream, so we celebrated their new venture, helped them move next door and we have been cheering them on from the sidelines ever since. We also socialise with them quite a lot. They are heaps of fun!

Key benefits of joining our team

Flexible Working Arrangements

After your first 3 months at CerebralFix, we can tailor working arrangements to fit your requirements. While most of our team works in the studio or hybrid, we’re open to other options. Being in the office is fun and helps with project collaboration, but we’re flexible to find a solution that works for you.

Competitive Pay Rates

We regularly compare our pay rates to industry standards and consider our location. Our pay levels correspond to individual skills and experience. Fairness and transparency are our goals, and we believe compensation should be accompanied by good benefits, a positive work environment, and a high quality of life.

Regular 1 on 1 / Goal Setting Sessions / Performance Reviews

You’ll have one-on-one meetings with your Discipline Rep to discuss your individual goals. Our Leadership Team also conducts two performance reviews per year, incorporating feedback from peers and yourself.

Immediate Sick Leave

At CerebralFix, employees can take sick leave from Day 1, recognising that it can be difficult to avoid getting sick in the first 6 months. This policy ensures that employees can take the time they or their family need to recover and prioritize their health without any undue stress.

Discretionary Leave

If you’ve exhausted your sick and annual leave entitlements due to unforeseen events, CerebralFix offers a Discretionary Leave option for extenuating circumstances. This can be approved by our Leadership Team to provide you with the necessary support.

Regular Training Opportunities & Personal Training Budget

We provide funding for training to support upskilling, aligned with personal goals, project requirements, or upcoming projects. Additionally, we offer internal courses in various areas, such as Good Yarn, Radical Candor, Rainbow, Agile, Scrum, Lean and H & S.

Free Medical Insurance

We offer free medical insurance on our nominated scheme for permanent employees, with the option to add benefits or family members at your own expense, including pre-existing conditions.

Counselling/Therapy Services

Our priority at CerebralFix is the hauora wellbeing of our people, which includes physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing. We provide access to therapists at our expense, so you can always talk to someone when you need it and bring your authentic self to the studio.

Weekly Morning Teas

Monday studio catch-ups with delicious treats help our team bond, meet new team members, celebrate wins and plan for the week. The discussions include project updates, upcoming plans, special days and events. It’s a great way to build a positive and supportive team culture.

Fresh Fruit and Breakfast Goodies

Our studio offers a fully equipped kitchen with fresh fruit, breakfast goodies, and appliances like a smoothie maker, coffee machine, and ice maker. Alternative milks are also available. Enjoy a comfortable and productive workspace with all the amenities needed to stay energized and healthy.

Personal Project Enhancement Time

We allocate 10% of your week to personal project time, providing an opportunity for upskilling and collaboration within the studio. We encourage you to take advantage of this chance to enhance skills that benefit both yourself and the team.

Regular Social Functions and Activites

At CerebralFix, our President of Fun ensures a work-life balance with regular social events like mini-golf, surfing, and game nights. Join the team and enjoy regular drinks, nibbles, and an epic Christmas party too. Share your ideas to keep the fun going!

Ask Us Anything Sessions / Regular State of the Business Updates

We hold monthly Ask Us Anything sessions where you can anonymously ask our leadership team anything. Stay informed on company performance and strategic direction through quarterly State of the Business updates by our President. Keep in the loop and get your questions answered!

Hobbiest Slack Channels

If you are new to Canterbury, find your communities through our Slack channels catering to interests like rock climbing, board games, coding, pets, cooking and more. Connect and share your hobbies and expand your network. Find your people and have fun!

Active Rainbow Community - Pride Pals

Our Pride Pals group, formed in 2022, prioritises creating a safe and inclusive space at CerebralFix for our LGBTTQIA+ community. Join us and bring your authentic self to the studio, knowing that you are respected and valued as an individual.

Paid Partner Parental Leave

At CerebralFix, family comes first. Full-time employees who are non-primary parents receive special paid leave on the birth or adoption of a child under six. We value and support our employees and their families, ensuring they have support during this special time.

Central City Location

Working in the inner city of Christchurch offers easy access to amenities such as shops, cafes, and restaurants, along with excellent public transportation. The area is also known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, with many events and festivals taking place throughout the year.

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