Attack of the Cones

Retro Street Arcade Game with Life-Size Controller

Attack of the Cones offers a unique and immersive retro arcade gaming experience that combines a massive TV screen on the side of a building with a custom-built, life-size controller. Players become active participants as they control a cycle-mounted hero through the streets of Christchurch, engaging in a battle against evil road cones, navigating potholes, and cracks.

Players take control of a life-size joystick and over-sized buttons on a custom-built controller. The massive TV screen on the building displays the game's vibrant and pixelated world. The objective is to guide the game's hero through the streets of Christchurch, combating malevolent road cones and avoiding hazardous obstacles.

Using the giant joystick, players maneuver their character left and right, carefully avoiding potholes and cracks that can slow them down. The over-sized buttons allow the hero to unleash blasts upon the evil road cones, transforming an ordinary urban environment into a dynamic and engaging gaming arena.