Set in the heart of Jangala, Primal Rivals is a 3D Tower Defense game developed by CerebralFix for iOS and Android where a war is raging between two ancient gods, Alara and Mala. They are sisters who are constantly fighting over “what’s best” for Jangala’s inhabitants. With talk of an extinction event spreading fear throughout the tribes, Mala wants to unite the tribes through a dictatorship of force and fear and Alara thinks this is a terrible idea.

Alara is emotionally-driven, passionate and empathetic. She relies on the help of her friends to stand against her sister, but often lets her feelings get the best of her. As Alara's hero you will battle the evil Mala and her forces to take back the territories of Jangala.



Creeps and heroes are mainly tribalistic, with varying cultures, spiritual practices and technologies. Heroes have wildly varying backgrounds, some are strong and brave, others are creepy and reclusive. Though Mala has her own set of heroes, the heroes that the player can use in Primal Rivals have all been conscripted by Alara, the “good” spirit. They have their own motivations, but have been brought together by the common trait that they have been wronged by Mala in some way.


Bee I. Joe, more commonly known as “the Juggernaut,” was a Beekeeper before the war began, and grew up caring for things that are smaller than him. And grow up he did. By the time The Juggernaut was a teenager, he was already bigger than all of his peers, and he decided to care for them as well. After the war broke out, the Juggernaut joined Alara’s forces in order to protect his village and the people he cares for.


Freya, or as her not so many friends call her "the Cold Shoulder", is a turncoat from Mala's army. she is bitter and mean, but not evil. Her natural propensity for commanding cold magic far outclasses any other shaman or mystic in Jangala. She has joined Alara’s army after committing unspeakable acts for Mala. She became so disgusted with her actions that she switched sides in an attempt to make up for her crimes.


An orphan abandoned in Jangala’s swamps. His solitary existence and challenging childhood has made him paranoid and eccentric. He has a talent for poisons and voodoo curses, which he uses in battle to destroy those who oppose him. He has sided with the good god in order to get revenge on Mala, who destroyed his home in order to establish a forward base in the swamps.


Another abandoned orphan, “Ruff” the Berserker was raised by wolves in the Jangalan wilds. He has an incredibly limited vocabulary and a hair-trigger temper that signify his bestial nature. Ruff has joined the good god in order to figure out what happened to his family and village, which was attacked and destroyed by a disciple of Mala.


Tribes have a very unique style of waging war and taking territory, They will walk into a hostile area, set up a fortress and wait for their enemy to challenge them. This strategy would fall apart, if not for the ritual-esque nature of the tribesmen.

Tribesmen are bound by a very strict code of honour and their battles must be fought in a certain way. Thus, an enemy tribe will allow their opponents to set up a fortress within their territory in order to test their mettle. When the fortress is built, the residing force assaults the fortress in an attempt to defeat the “champion” of that fortress.

On the face of it, letting your enemies set up a base in your territory seems incredibly stupid. That’s probably because it is. But this logistical nightmare does have one redeeming quality: it limits casualties. If the champion falls, the battle immediately ends and the losing tribe pack up and leave.

Tower Wall


Jangalan tribesmen populate every part of Jangala, from the mountains to the swamps and jungle. Where they grow up determines what type of creep they become. Tribesmen do not die when they die. Rather, their spirits can be resurrected with the aid of magically-infused Glob. The way that the tribesmen think this works is that the spirit of the deceased will return to a pit of Glob and gel about for a couple of days as their body is rebuilt, before popping out brand new.



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