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The pet collection game where you entice and tame exotic creatures.


The once lush and beautiful world of Hakawa is now little more than a barren wasteland. You are in charge of a special wildlife reserve where you have the very important task of revitalizing the land and building a vibrant habitat for Terrapets, mysterious creatures who are the embodiment of the environments that they inhabit. Terrapets from the swamplands are sneaky and vitriolic, while those from the woodlands are steadfast and strong. If the environment is harsh and unforgiving then so too are the Terrapets that live there.

There was a time when there were Terrapets across the lands, but not anymore. You have the power within your hands to return the world to what it once was. You can revitalise Hakawa with a range of different terrain types and customise the environment as you see fit. From frozen tundra and volcanic mountains to thick forests and vast oceans, you have many different options for creating an enticing reservation for all the different Terrapets. Bring as many different creatures as you can to your reservation and battle other players!

Terrapets was made and is maintained by CerebralFix, LLC, an international game development studio bringing the cheeky Kiwi spirit from New Zealand into social mobile gaming. Find out more about us at CerebralFix.com.

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    I coght mynok on 1%! I have 5 legendaries now!

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    This game rocks! Ill never get rid of it it rules!!!!

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    Lord zelgerun

    i had completed like 70% of the game than my tablet broke so can you make a new edition where you log in first to save your data. thanx

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    Eric of CerebralFix

    mynuk1234님, ^^; 한글 테라펫 포럼이 http://portal.cerebralfix.com/forums/view/102 에 있구요.
    여기 리딤코드 "환영합니다" 하나 드리니, 게임의 메뉴의 리딤코드란에 넣어보시면 도움이 될 거에요. 드리는 스타루비로 코인광산을 즉시 수확하시면 문제가 해결될거구요.

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    Lord mynuk1234

    Hi.Las Ruth hive in three days, I Terra Pet Cleared had
    The reason that I'm here to comment on the mine is unable to get the gold from the rock version ryeotgi!! T T
    So ...'ll Tell them exactly what if when you touch a rock, I ran out of money
    Touch of money in the form of money dating system, this cup did
    But if I touch the rock, the money will be lost
    Really enough to get back angrily raise Comments.
    Was hoping to modify please.
    Also known codes ridim appreciated.
    Note Koreans.

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